User rating
- Includes advanced creatine complex
- Prevents bloating
- Provides consistent results.
- Offers great value for money
- Has different flavors
- Take it 30 minutes before a workout e
- Difficult to mix

A High Quality Creatine Supplement with Absorption Boosters

Creatine is a workout supplement that has been around for years. If you are looking for ways to take your training to the next level then adding creatine to your supplement regiment will defiantly help. It increases the formation of ATP, which is the primary substance cells use for energy. This will helps build muscles, provide more energy and speeds up the recovery time from strenuous exercise.

In this review, I’ll take a look Beast Sports Nutrition’s Creature Powder. Beast Sports Nutrition has been around for over 20 years and is one of the fastest growing companies in the supplement industry. It has won awards for it’s products over several years. Creature Powder is a quality product that is highly rated by it’s users.

What makes Creature different from others on the market is its advanced creatine blend. The blend features three different types of bonded creatine compounds. These include Creatine MagnaPower, Creatine AKG and Creatine Anhydrous. Additionally it includes absorption boosters. We’ll get deeper into to formula later in this review of Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder

Benefits and Drawbacks of using Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder

From my research on Creature Powder is a highly recommended creatine powder. But, keep in mind when taking any type of creatine there are both positive and negative points you’ll need to consider.

First lets look at the positive points. With its advanced formula powered by different forms of creatine content, you’ll be able to train harder and your muscles will recover faster after a big session. The other ingredients of Creature Powder tackle on muscle endurance and fueling of muscle growth.

Beast includes ingredients to help your body absorb a high percentage of the content of the supplement. This is huge because it will ensure higher bioavailability.

In addition to its unflavored version, you’ll also get to choose among its 4 different flavors: cherry, citrus, pink lemonade and beast bunch. I don’t usually go for flavored creatine but I appreciate the company’s effort in producing these different flavors. After all, not all lifters are like me who want unflavored powder.

One major problem many people experience when using creatine powder is intestinal discomfort. But the purity of Creature’s ingredients and the additional absorption ingredients will allow the components to be easily absorbed by the body, thereby, preventing it to cause bloating.

It is also cost effective. The 300-gram container has 60 servings. For less than $30, that’s less then 50 cents a serving. Plus it will last more than a month before you’ll need a refill. Similar to many creatine supplements, each time you take it, you’ll experience steady gains in strength and your muscle recovery will be further enhanced.

There are a few drawbacks to Creature Powder as well. It isn’t a magic powder that when you take it, you’ll immediately experience a boost in your strength. You’ll need to take it at least 30 minutes before you’ll have that effect. Another common complaint about Creature is in consuming the product. The powder doesn’t mix well with water without using a spoon or a blender. So if you are looking for a supplement to take on the go you should take this into consideration.

The Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder Formula

Creature Powder is made of Creature Advanced Creatine Matrix. It’s a mixture of different proprietary blends that can fuel your muscle growth, enhance your stamina, improve muscle recovery, and stimulate lean muscle, among the benefits of this formula.

  • Creapure. It contains pure creatine monohydrate imported from Germany.
  • Creatine MagnaPowder. This blend contains creatine and magnesium to form magnesium creatine chelate. Because of this bond, it makes Creature Powder easily absorbed by the body.
  • Creatine AKG. Its key advantage is that it prevents diarrhea as your body easily absorbed alpha-ketoglutarate.
  • Creatine Anhydrous. Is the third form of creatine which the water molecule has been removed to improve absorption.
  • Crea-Trona. Helps with absorption and delivery of the ingredients in the product to maximizing its benefits.

All of these can heighten your body’s energy system allowing you to push yourself harder while working out.

Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder Ingredients


Besides the different forms of creatine in the formula discussed above, Creature Powder also contains carbohydrates. This isn’t a bad thing. The carbs will be used by your muscles to help with endurance during a training session. It also means that you can easily lift more and it will assist in gaining muscle mass. Without the carbs, you’ll surely run out of fuel, despite the presence of creatine.


We all know how important calcium is in our body. When it comes to weight lifting, calcium can protect your bones from fractures. Strength training can cause bone loss. But with the addition of calcium in this supplement, can help avoid this.

Creatine Blend


Results from taking Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder

Creature Powder is a perfect supplement for your workouts. You’ll experience muscle growth each time you workout. This is because the ingredients push more water into your muscles allowing them to expand. You’ll feel that your arms are tight after targeting your biceps or triceps.

Because of a boost in your energy, you can easily lift more, push harder and perform at a higher level in the gym. But don’t expect to gain muscle size over night with this product. It’s up to you to stick to a schedule and put in the time at the gym. Give it a few workouts and you’ll notice some improvements.

Creature Powder Conclusion
In general, Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder is a high quality creatine supplement with advanced ingredients. It is a great value at a fairly competitive price. It covers all the bases and has additional absorption boosters to ensure higher bioavailability. This is a big difference and what a lot of other creatine supplements are missing. By including these additional ingredients it ensures that your body will absorb a high percentage of the content of the supplement. This matters in the end because you get what you pay for. To ensure the best results it might be worth paying a little more. The blend also limits any bloating side effects that you may experience with other types of creatine.

Beast’s formula will help you increase the volume of your workout and help you recover faster. If you’re looking to take your workouts up a notch, you’ll want to give this a try and possibly add this to your arsenal of workout supplements.