Why You Need More Testosterone and 5 Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels

For many men growing older means less testosterone and this can lead to sluggish days, loss of libido and decreased motivation. But, there is still hope, this can be turned around. Here is a break down of why you need more testosterone a five ways to get more of it.

If you a looking for more energy, stronger muscles and an improved mood then you need more testosterone and you need to check this out!


Looking for More Testosterone? Try One of these Top Testosterone Booster Supplements

These have been around for a while and proven to be safe. So, if you consistently have low testosterone levels then one of these might be what you are looking for. These types of supplements provide many benefits including increase in energy, strength, libido, focus, confidence and more.

There are a ton of different options on the market, which can make it confusing to figure out which one is the best. We have taken the time to look at a few of the different options compared their formulas and benefits they provide.

Muscle Tech Test HD

Test HD is a great supplement the reason why it’s on top is because the supplement naturally boosts ATP blood levels/concentration in as little as 15 days. The body uses ATP as real cellular energy, compared to the perceived energy that occurs with CNS stimulants.

Test HD improves your mood while it enhances your motivation, energy and drive. The formula includes tribulus extract, shilajit extract along with zinc, calcium and a few others. Compared to other testosterone enhancers that require you to take more than 5 caps a day. You’ll only need 2 caps of Test HD a day to obtain its benefits. Plus you will not need to cycle off the supplements or have spacing between taking it.

Overall, this T boosting supplement is an effective product that makes you aggressive when working out without stomach discomfort or after effects. It allows for faster recovery to help you feel better a day after performing a tough workout at the gym.

Pharma Freak Test Freak

Test Freak contains ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone levels. The formula boosts your energy and provides better strength and energy. You take 4 capsules before bed on an empty stomach for 8 weeks and then cycle off for 2 weeks.

What makes it unique is that it contains more proven ingredients then other supplements in the category. These include, Tribulus terrestris, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc and a few others.

One benefit of taking it before is that it will help you sleep better even thought it isn’t considered a sleep aid. Through the 8-week cycle you’ll notice better results in your daily performance. You’ll also receive an increase in energy allowing do more reps at heavier weight at the gym.

Isa Test DA3

The goal of ISA-Test is to provide more strength, size and better overall performance. This is an all-natural supplement and doesn’t contain any banned substances or illegal ingredients. The formula includes Ashwagandha Extract, Cordyceps Powder, Fenugreek and Epimedium Extract along with Vitamin D and Magnesium and a few others.

ISA-Test DA3 is a powder supplement that you mix with water and drink. You should take ISA-Test before a workout. On off days you can take one serving in the morning or evening don’t exceed two servings a day. Your body may assimilate to the supplement, so after 12 to 16 weeks it’s recommended to take a week or two off.

This supplement will help you perform better in the gym but it also assists with recovery getting a better night’s sleep. Keep in mind about this is a workout supplement so the focus is for athletes and not for overall daily performance.

Animal Stak

It’s called “the hardgainer’s pack” because it provides a natural anabolic edge and reduces muscle wasting or catabolism. It helps in the promotion of all the needed calories and nutrients to the muscles to achieve lean mass, rather than depositing them as fats.

You take one pack of Animal Stak for 3 weeks and cycle off for one week. It should be taken 30 minutes before a workout and in between meal on off days. The formula is pretty unique it helps with liver detox, has DHT blocker, and GH level booster. Its “vascularity” effect is excellent, so your veins are very visible while lifting weights.

It’s a highly recommended testosterone booster as it can give you great endurance, as well as optimize strength and performance. When you’re in the gym, nothing can stop you from putting in a great workout and taking a few extra reps.

Cellucor P6 Extreme Black

This is another testosterone booster you should consider if you are looking for strength gains. But it provides much more then your standard booster. The formula features nootropic testosterone technology, which makes you feel great. The Alpha-GPC and D-Serine of this product will elevate not only elevate your cognitive energy and focus it will also provide addition motivation to push you during the day and a hard workout.

Compared with other T boosters, P6 black doesn’t have pro-hormones. Instead, it includes D-aspartic acid that enhances T levels through various channels. Furthermore, the DAA in it is chelated with magnesium so it can be easily absorbed by your system.

You take one serving (3 capsules) 30 minutes before hitting the gym. On off days you take one serving with your first meal of the day. You can take it for up to 30 days and the cycle off for 2 to 4 weeks. The supplement is more expensive then others in the category, but it might be worth the investment considering all of its benefits.

Looking for more Information on the subject?

If you’ve gotten this far then you should have a ton of information on how to increase you testosterone levels. If you are looking for more details on testosterone boosters specifically then check out my post on the background and benefits of these supplements. Thanks for reading now it’s time to Push It!