User rating
- Helps Prevent Hunger During Sleep
- Builds Muscle
- Tastes Great Compared To Other Caseins
- Helps with Recovery
- Mixability Issues
- A Little Thick When Mixed

Why Gold Standard Casein Protein is at the top of the class

One of the key factors in building muscle is having the right nutrition post workout. Having protein in your diet will both help with recovery and build muscle. We all know about the benefits of whey protein. But another great source is casein protein. This can be taken between meals or right before bed. Casein digests slower then whey to provide longer lasting muscle rebuilding support. We’ll talk more about casein protein later in the post.

Optimum Nutrition was the first to develop an all micellar casein protein and bring it to the market. Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein has been on the bestseller list for years. Optimum Nutrition has a track record of producing great nutrition products and has been around since 1986.

So what exactly is micellar casein you might be asking? Optimum Nutrition has developed a process of separating the protein from milk through an ultrafiltration process. Micellar casein has an ability to gel during digestion; this allows it to have a steady release of protein over several hours. Another great thing about Optimum Gold Standard 100% Casein it also includes 10 grams of amino acids per serving. Lets take a look a casein.

How is Casein Protein Different from Whey

Casein is a protein that is made completely from milk whereas Whey is a by-product that is made while making cheese out of milk. Casein is produced through a chemical process that separates milk protein from fats and carbohydrates in the liquid.
Casein protein has many of the same benefits as whey protein. The main difference is that it is a slowly digesting protein source. This makes it great to take as a pre-bed shake. This will help fuel the body with protein consistently during this most valuable recovery time.

Pros and Cons
With all products there are always some pros and cons to weigh out before making a purchase decision. Lets take a quick look at both the good and bad points of the Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein.

Optimum Nutrition has developed one to the best Casein formulas on the market so there are a lot of positive points to talk about. The most important being that this will definitely help aid with recovery when working out regularly and it will also help with the growth of muscles and building a strong body. It only has 2 net carbs so it’s perfect for running a low-carb diet and best of all a healthy nighttime snack. You can take it at night to prevent any hunger during sleep and when you wake up you won’t need to eat something immediately. You’ll just be ready to get your workout on! Finally there are 9 different flavors to choose from so you should be able to find one that fits your taste buds.

As far as negative points there are a few to consider. First off, although there are many flavors of the protein many of them do not taste that great. Many people have listed that the drink is chalky and it is difficult to mix. You’ll need a shaker cup or blender to get the most out the powder without having some of it stick to the side or bottom of your cup. On the bright side the thicker texture will make you feel fuller so you’ll avoid any hunger cravings. The last drawback is the price. This isn’t the cheapest Casein protein out there but quality products do cost a premium and this formula contains more then just protein. We’ll look at this next.

Formula/Protein Blend
Gold Standard 100% Casein is a high quality formula 1 scoop contains 10g of Naturally Occurring BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) and 5g of Naturally Occurring Glutamine & Glutamic Acid. The amazing thing about this product is that the total release of amino acids can last up to 7-8 hours. So again when you take it before bedtime your body will go into a total recovery mode helping you build more muscle in your sleep.

Beyond that the Micellar protein used in the formula is premium quality that is acid sensitive so it thickens in the stomach to again slow the digestion process. This has set the standard for slow digesting protein support. It also contains digestive enzymes to help digest the 10 grams of amino Acids per serving. So as you can see the formula has a lot up side with added bonuses then just a standard Casein protein.

Protein 24 Gm
BCAAs Glutamine & Precursors 10g
Calories  120
Calories From Fat 10
Total Fat 1 Gm
Saturated Fat 0.5 Gm
Cholesterol 10 Mg
Total Carbohydrate 4 Gm
Dietary Fiber 1 Gm
Sugars 1 Gm
Calcium 450 Mg
Sodium 250 Mg
Aminogen 23 Mg

Other Ingredients:
Protein blend (micellar casein, calcium caseinate), cocoa(processed with alkali), natural & artificial flavors, salt, gum blend (cellulose gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan), sucralose. Results from taking it

Results when Taking Gold Standard Casein

ON Gold Standard 100% Casein will definitely helped aid with recovery and new muscle growth. But overall protein is a passive supplement, and by this I’m saying you can’t automatically feel its effect of the supplement. But over time the effects of those 24g of protein at night while you sleep are huge. So it will help you meet your workout goals.

Again ON Casein has been produced by a trusted brand with premium ingredients. With that there are vary few side effects taking the supplement and it doesn’t wreck my stomach like other proteins.

Is there are little room for improvement? Like any products there always is. For this product the drawback are pretty limited to just the mixability and flavor. But if you are looking for the best results you should be able to look past those minor negative points.

Review Conclusion of Gold Standard Casein: should you try it out?

If you are looking for a casein protein to take before bed then you should give Optimum 100% Casein a try. Although it is a little on the expensive side you can see why. With all of the additional ingredients in the supplement it makes it is well worth the price. Breaking it down it only has 120 calories, 1g of fat, 2 net carbs but a huge 24g amount of protein; this makes it perfect bedtime food. Taking everything into consideration the cost is really not too bad. You can get a two-month supply for around 40 bucks, which is about $1.50 per meal.

Additionally if you have a hard time sleeping through the night because of hunger pains then drinking a shake could be a great remedy. For additional recovery and sleep benefits you could stack a shake with a ZMA supplement for maximize recovery while you sleep.

Thanks for taking a look at Optimum Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein with me. Hopefully this has given you a good look into the product and why Casein could be a great additional to your supplement regiment.