Top 5 Rowing Machines To Fit your Budget

A rowing machine is a great way to spice up your cardio workout and stay in shape! Having one in your home will make it easy to get your workout out of the way anytime of the day. But, it can be intimidating at first to know which machine is right for you. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the shopping process and put together a list of the top 5 machines at different price points that will be great for your needs.

Before hunting through Amazon for one, take a look at our list. This will give you insights into the features and functionality of the top machines. This quick read will help you choose a model for your home workout sessions.

Benefits of Rowing Machines

They are great for overall fitness because they involve various muscle groups. This type of exercise will workout your core and helps you develop both your upper and lower body at the same time. Here are reasons you should consider rowing at the gym or buying your own machine:

Aerobic workout
It’s an effective way to pump up your heart rate while you increase your oxygen uptake. Just make sure you choose a unit with adjustable resistance that allows you to attain your target heart rate while it lets you slow back down for your resting rate.

Burn calories
We’ve already mentioned that this machine can help you burn a ton of calories. Specifically, it can torch an average of 600 calories for 60 minutes of rowing! This is way more efficient compared to other home fitness machines.

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Upper body and lower body conditioning
It’s not like a stationary bike that only involves the lower body. This type of workout machine, works out your upper body and lower body at the same. Exercising with this type of machine involves your rhomboids, trapezius, lats, biceps, abs, quads, thighs, calves, and glutes, among others. This means that you’re not only developing stronger arms but you’re also toning your legs.

Less likely to get injured
When using this machine, the motion is natural. It’s low impact so you’re putting a little stress on your joints. Also you won’t fall because you’re sitting low to the ground. So it you are getting older this is a great way to keep moving and stay in great shape without breaking down.

Plus, back strain can be a big concern for some. However, you can minimize it by exercising in proper rowing posture. In this way, you’re not putting stress on your back. Check out this video to learn how to properly use a rowing machine.

Before diving into the list we’ve written a post on specific types of machines. These include air resistant, water resistant, piston resistant and magnetic resistant rowing machines.

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The Top Rowing Machines

1. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

It’s a hydraulic piston-resistance machine that’s compact in size so it can easily be tucked away after your workout.

This body trac rowing machine is a great of equipment for fitness lovers who want to tone their lower arms, thighs, buttocks, calves, abdominals, back muscles and calves. It helps in increasing metabolism, burning fats and improving stamina. Its resistance can be adjusted, according to your preference.

Through its 12-setting resistance program, you’ll have full body workout that pushes you to your limits. Its multi-function monitor gives a glimpse of your progress, as well as other fitness-related data, such as calories burned, time left and number of rowing strokes, among others.

Instead of the tug-on model, this one comes with two oars to better tone up your upper arm. Plus it works without the never-ending squeaking. It’s a lightweight model but the construction is solid.

It starts around $129 on Amazon and it’s protected with a 90-day warranty. The frame is sturdy and you can easily move it once you put all the pieces together. The versatility of the tension is also a great deal for this machine.

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2. Stamina Air Rower 1399

This is an air or wind-resistance machine that offers a smooth efficient rowing stroke.

It’s been designed to give you a full-body workout while minimizing joint injury. Considered as one of the most efficient fitness machines, this model involves manual air resistance feature to work all your muscles to build stamina and strength.

It comes with automatic resistance button to adjust to your resistance level, thereby, avoiding leaning over constantly. The seat is higher up the ground which allows you to slip on and off easily. The footplates are larger so they can accommodate bigger feet. Its seat rail is angled for easy-seat return.

The price range is between $284 and $411. It’s protected with a 3-year warranty for the frame and 90 days for parts. It works well and is quiet. It can accommodate up to 250 pounds. If you’re on a budget, then this is a great choice.

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3. Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms

This is a hydraulic resistance type of rowing machine with adjustable tension controls. It’s an effective workout machine that lets you exercise your upper body in a more efficient way.

It features a hydraulic cylinder resistance that won’t force your one arm to do what your other arm is doing. The single-button monitor with multiple functions can track your workout stats showing you the stroke count, speed, distance, etc.

The frame is made of aluminum beam so it’s sturdy. It’s solid enough that you can do sit-ups or dumbbell presses here (but not recommended). The seat is padded adequately for a comfortable rowing. For better control of your workout intensity, this machine has an adjustable beam incline and adjustable tension controls.

It’s available at $259 at Amazon with 5 years warranty. It’s a sturdy machine that has been built to last for several years and provide great results at an affordable price.

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4. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

It’s a type of air rowing machine ideal for full body workout. The flywheel design is there to minimize any noise while rowing.

Includes PM5 performance monitor, you’ll get accurate and comparable data while working out. Its indoor rowers can be adjusted to get you in full control of your resistance each time. Its seat height is 14 inches and the chain is nickel-plated. This is capable of handling up to 500 pounds of weight.

For smooth seat movement, this machine has aluminum rail capped and ergonomic handle. Other features will include caster wheels, quick-release frame lock, and flexfoot footrests.

You can get it at $900 with 5-year warranty. It’s worth the extra money as it comes with a backlit monitor allowing you to see it while you’re rowing. It doesn’t wiggle because it’s extraordinarily solid so it will be a solid machine for years to come.

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5. Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

To create resistance, this machine uses water and paddles. If you like the idea of having a smoother action while using it, then this could be the right option. It operates quietly and you’d love the idea of the “whooshing” sound of water in the tank.

With sleek appearance, you can easily place it anywhere in your house without taking too much space because of its compact design. The performance monitor shows heart rate, duration, distance, and stroke rate and zone bar. It’s built with a wooden frame to make it a durable and stable machine.

This is a self-regulating resistance machine, so motor isn’t needed. With its water flywheel feature, there are no moving parts in this machine that wear out over time. The frame material being used is wood. It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.

It’s not cheap. This model is available at Amazon with a price tag of $1,160. If you like using a rowing machine that feels like you’re rowing in water, then this could be a great option for you.

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These top rowing machines have shown to be solid home fitness equipment, especially if you want to work every major muscle of your body, such as legs, back, thighs and abs. They can also increase your stamina and metabolism. This means that they won’t only strengthen your muscles but they also promote fat loss. Hopefully this gave you some insight into which machine is right for you. Thank for reading.