Will A Smoothie Diet Help You Lose Weight Fast?

Smoothie Diet

Smoothies can be a great meal after a workout out, this drink is a mixture of ingredients that can include fruits and vegetables as well as protein powder, creatine, fat burners, flax seeds, peanut butter and anything else you can blend together. These types of meals can also promote healthy weight loss. The best thing about a smoothie diet is it’s a great tool that you can use to lose those extra pounds. It’s a low calorie snack that is rich in nutrients and will keep you feeling full for a long time.

Smoothies don’t have to taste terrible to help you shed a few extra pounds. There are plenty of recipes available that not only taste fantastic, but help you lose some weight.

How Many Smoothies You Should Drink?

Two smoothies a day is the healthiest form of this type of diet. If you drink smoothies all day then when you went off the diet, the weight you lost would just come piling back on pretty quick. So you want to be strategic in you meal plan to reduce calories while maintain a healthy balance of nutrient dense foods.

Not to mention, if you only relied on smoothies alone throughout the day you could be starving your body and that is not the way that you want to lose weight.

The best way to handle a smoothie diet is, having a smoothie for breakfast and lunch and then a healthy meal for dinner. You can also swap out breakfast for dinner; it’s up to you.

How Long Should You Stay On This Type Of Diet?

Some people only stay on the smoothie diet for three to six months or so and others choose it as a lifestyle choice. It depends on what goals you are looking for.

Smoothies are packed with actual food so it’s not like you are starving your body. Many people choose to have smoothies daily for the rest of their life because it’s a healthy alternative for them. It’s a great means of long-term weight management and it prevents any weight from coming back on.

Drinking smoothies daily can also lead you to eating better overall. A lot of people find that they crave salty treats and sweets far less after going on the smoothie diet.

Benefits Of A Smoothie Diet

Smoothie Diet 01

Smoothie diets will help you lose weight without starving yourself. You get a ton of nutrients without worrying about taking in empty calories. Smoothies allow you to get everything your body needs from carbohydrates, vitamins, healthy fats, and protein.

The great thing about smoothies is you can add as many vegetables as you want since they virtually have almost no calories to them, which increases the nutritional value. Smoothies provide you with more energy, increase your metabolism and keep you feeling full for many hours.

While they speed up your metabolism they also are much easier for your body to digest. This will cause less inflammation and help you to cut the extra pound fast. This is because instead of your body working on breaking down a heavy meal it will burn that unwanted fat.

Smoothie can be meal replacements allowing you to be able to eat on the go. Just make sure that you research how many calories your body needs in order to meet your personal calorie intake.

Drawbacks Of A Smoothie Diet

Smoothie diets can be unsuitable for many people due to some of the ingredients being highly processed. Some smoothies may contain sugar, caffeine, sodium, preservatives and trans fats. Soy-based diary ingredients may also be used in the recipes.

Depending on how long you choose to stay on the diet, and what you plan on doing afterwards, the results of a smoothie diet can be short term. Weight can be returned if you go back to your normal eating habits.

If you stick with green smoothies with whole foods in them you learn to love healthier foods, which in turn could lead to long-term weight loss.

A great example of a green smoothie is grabbing some fruits and greens together, add some protein, and flax seeds and you will have a smoothie that will keep you feeling full.

Ingredients To Help With Weight Loss

There are ingredients that will help you burn fat faster than others. They will aid you in your weight loss goals because of their powers:

Cayenne Pepper: If you like your food to have a little spice to it, cayenne is not only perfect for a smoothie but it boosts weight loss. Studies suggest that cayenne pepper is known to curb your appetite throughout the day.

Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is very high in protein, which will allow you to feel full longer. Stick with the plain yogurt that is full fat. Avoid the flavored yogurts as they are usually packed with sugar.

Blue Berries: Blue berries are high in fibre and don’t have many calories plus you get the benefit of a thicker, sweeter shake.

Avocado: You get great healthy fats from avocados, which will keep you feeling, satisfied. They are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is a great weight loss ingredient and can be added to any smoothie.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels and boosts your metabolism. It reduces blood glucose that becomes stored fat. Cinnamon effects belly fat more than anything.

Other ingredients that can be used in smoothies are Stevia, leafy greens, pulp from fruit, and healthy fats.

Here are a Few Great Smoothie Recipes for Your Diet

Green Warrior Protein Smoothie
Green Warrior Protein Smoothie
This recipe includes 17 grams of protein with 12 grams of fibre. The nutritional benefits include: Kale, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Algae oil (DHA rich), Virgin Coconut Oil, Hulled hemp seeds and Mango. Try it one for a great morning energy burst!


Chocolate Espresso Protein Smoothie
Chocolate Espresso Protein Smoothie
This one will wake you up and keep you going! The ingredients include banana, chocolate protein powder, instant coffee grounds, unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut palm sugar {optional}, coconut milk {or other milk}. Can you say yuum.


Blueberry Spinach Smoothie
Blueberry Spinach Smoothie
This is a delicious and healthy smoothie that will give you a kick after a tough workout. This has blueberries, spinach, banana, strawberries, and Greek yogurt. Check it out.


Apple Kiwi Green Smoothies
Apple Kiwi Green Smoothies
This one has a burst of flavour and will give you a little extra push. This one includes apple juice, green apple, kiwis, peeled and cubed, prepared steel cut oatmeal, spinach and Ice cubes.


Açaí Smoothie
Açaí Smoothie
We all have heard about the powers on Acai providing some extra energy. It is considered a super food so you want to feel great try this recipe out. It isVegan, Raw & Gluten-free and it includes Açaí powder, non-dairy milk, water or juice, banana, apple, cored and sliced, frozen berries and sprinkle of hemp seeds (optional)


Results You Can See With A Smoothie Diet

How does a nice slim body sound? Too good to be true? Not at all, not with a smoothie diet. Have you been chasing after that elusive flat stomach, then that is also something you can expect from the smoothie diet.

Not only will you be losing weight but you will have much more energy and your metabolism will increase.

Getting rid of bad foods and fats will help you to not only be a healthier version of yourself but will improve your well-being.

Smoothie diets have becoming increasingly popular over the years. It’s important to know that you shouldn’t substitute all your food for smoothies. Choose to have a smoothie for one or two meals at most and substitute your other meals and snacks with healthy food options. Smoothies are definitely a great option for breakfast, especially if your mornings are rushed. They are also a great option post workout, with some added protein.

Whatever diets you take part in should never be a quick fix. A healthy lifestyle is the best option for losing weight and adding smoothies in is certainly a great idea.