What is Piracetam and can it make you smarter?

Are you looking for a super pill to make you smarter, sharper and have more motivated? Over the past few years the use of Nootropics supplements have become popular. The information about these drugs are more prevalent online as well as access to purchase them. Like you this intrigued me so I decided to do some research to find out if this stuff really works. This is what I found out.

Piracetam is a type of nootropic drug, which means it works to improve brain production. This results in a higher level of cognitive functioning. Nootropics are used by individuals with mental imparities, such as ADD, ADHD, and depression. They are also used by individuals recovering from brain injury.

While many different people can benefit from Piracetam, it only has its place if there are concerns with cognitive functioning. It allows one to think, process, and function at their greatest capacity, but it doesn’t turn an already functional person into a genius.

What is Piracetam?

Piracetam is one of the many racetam drugs that exist in the “racetam” family. It is known for controlling jerking and twitching of the muscles. It serves as an effective nootropic and a quality replacement for prescription cognitive enhancing medications. It also serves as an effective supplement for the purpose of improving memory abilities.

It’s believed that a variety people can find many benefits from using Piracetam, but the effects are different for everyone. Some of the benefits from taking it include, more focus, better concentration, alertness, stress control, sleep, and much more. This is a top quality brain supplement, so Piracetam works to make users as efficient, productive, and determined as possible. These results are noticed in the people’s personal, romantic, and professional lives.

Quick Pros and Cons of Piracetam

Piracetam is very similar to other racetam drugs in regards to its pros and cons.

The major pros of taking Piracetam include:

–        An improvement on learning capabilities.

–        A reduction in stress caused by school or work.

–        A greater amount of energy and productivity.

–        Inexpensive

–        The stimulant works fast then

It’s often coined as being the “smart drug” as it allows one to transform from an unmotivated individual with poor learning and productivity skills to a high efficiency student or worker. The difference is often noticed tenfold. The effects will be noticeable and major if applied. For instance, a student may go from a C average to a B+ average or and an employee may be more organized and able to get work done quicker and with more articulation.

The major cons of taking Piracetam include:

–        Potential dependency or false baseline due to becoming used to effects.

–        Expensive to use for a prolonged period of time, especially when alternatives are under insurance.

–        Limited to the choice of ingredients already in the product.

–        Slightly over energized

The cons definitely don’t offset the pros, so there are no major reasons not to give Piracetam a try. As stated earlier the effectiveness will vary by individual, but from my research the majority of people found it provides quality results. Some of the greatest results came in cases where the user had a cognitive-blocking medical condition, such as dyslexia or ADHD. Of course, many of these have not been studied and proven on a per-condition basis.

How Will Piracetam Improve Mental Performance?

The benefits of Piracetam are endless. For the most part, these benefits are based around heightened mental performance. While using a Piracetam supplements, users typically notice a difference in the following areas:

–        Psyche/mentality

–        Addiction control

–        Creativity and articulation

–        Stress management

–        Quality sleep and lucid dreaming

–        Libido and sexual enjoyment

–        Memory

–        Productivity

These are the same areas that other racetam drugs tend to benefit as well.

As an example, you may notice that you do not struggle with words nearly as much. You are able to be creative and articulate when speaking or writing. For this reason, many writers take Piracetam and many students take it when writing an exam or essay as well.

This honed skill is something the body becomes accustomed to and it may stick even after you stop using Piracetam. It can also translate into other areas as it improves your people skills. This can help with building relationships, improving quality of work, and ultimately reducing stress levels.

There are many studies that support the effectiveness of Piracetam. However, most studies do not give a clear indication on the statistical difference noticed by users. This makes user reports a bit more valuable to look at.

You can look at the user reports found on Erowid to get a better idea on what the users first hand experiences have been like with this drug. This is a great way to evaluate what you can expect to see from using Piracetam as it covers both first hand stories where the results were incredible and where they went unnoticed.

Are There Any Side Effects to Piracetam?

Of course, there are some side effects that may be experienced when taking Piracetam. None of them are overly severe and they dwell in comparison to the side effects of prescription cognitive enhancers. It is also important to state that there is no reason to believe there are negative long-term effects from Piracetam supplementation, but this does not mean that none will be found in the future.

The main side effects of Piracetam include:

–        Anxiety

–        Insomnia

–        Irritability

–        Increased libido

–        Headaches

Based on user reports, these side effects are not very common. It is believed that the side effects of Piracetam are easily managed and tolerable. While they serve as an inconvenience, they are just temporary and slightly inconvenient. There is also no reason to believe that these side effects are any worse as a result of the user’s medical condition.

Conclusion: Is Piracetam a Perfect Cognitive Enhancer?

From my research Piracetam definitely works. It will give you more focus, alertness, concentration and additional motivation to get stuff done. It will also help you to be more articulate allowing faster access to vocabulary. Although it will help speed up your brain you won’t become a super genius over night.

If there were no other nootropics on the market and it was Piracetam and prescription cognitive enhancers, everyone would view Piracetam as being the Holy Grail. But that’s not the case as there are many different nootropics to choose from and Piracetam falls in the category of a large group of racetam drugs.

With that said, Piracetam definitely does provide quality results when it comes to cognitive enhancement and memory improvement. While these effects will vary by individual, Piracetam is viewed as being a safe source and definitely fits well in place of prescription medication. But there are not guarantees that this supplement will work perfectly for you. As results vary by individual, you will want to give Piracetam a try and then compare it with another product if the results seem less than perfect.

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