Mental Performance
Additional Focus
No Side Effects
User rating
- Improved learning abilities
- Helps reduce stress
- Increased energy
- More productivity
- Better efficiency
- Safe
- Quality sleep
- Lucid dreaming
- Risk of becoming dependent
- Can become expense
- No control over the ingredients
- Headaches

Digging deeper into nootropics I came across a supplement called Nootropil. It’s developed by a pharmaceutical company in Belgium called UCB (Union Chimique Belge). Nootropil is known for its ability to improve brain and memory functioning. It’s considered to be effective on most individuals, including those with mental impairment as a result of medical conditions like ADD and dyslexia. It also serves as an effective brain-enhancing supplement for those that are recovering form brain injury.

After doing some research on Nootropil this is what I found out about it.

What is Nootropil?

Getting a little more specific, Nootropil is actually Piracetam. Nootropil is simply one of the many trade names used to market Piracetam. This means that it has the same benefits and downfalls that are recognized with Piracetam use.

Piracetam is found in the racetam class, which is a group of drugs recognized for their cognitive abilities. It is one of many nootropic medications that are viewed as being an effective alternative to prescription cognitive enhancers and prescription memory enhancers.

Studies have shown that Piracetam offers countless cognitive benefits. The most noticeable fall under the categories of focus, concentration, alertness, stress control, and sleep. It works as a high quality cognitive enhancer that makes the user efficient, productive, and more intelligently versed without any major side effects. The benefits of using Nootropil are noticed in the user’s personal, business, and romantic lives.

Pros and Cons of Nootropil

The pros and cons of Nootropil are the same as Piracetam, considering that the two are formulated the same.

The major pros of taking Nootropil include:

– Improved learning abilities.

– Reduced stress from work and school.

– Increased energy, productivity, and efficiency.

Nootropil is regularly referred to as being the ‘smart drug’ or ‘brain drug’ of the 21st century. Much of this is due to the noticeable effects that take place while supplementing with this particular nootropic. The noticeable results are usually more obvious, such as an improvement on grades, a promotion or positive comments from your employer, or simply more noticeable energy throughout the day. The ultimate result is an increased baseline, meaning the body’s standard functioning is elevated.

The major cons of taking Nootropil include:

– A risk of becoming dependent due to the drug-induced effects causing an increase in baseline.

– An overwhelming expense due to the lack of coverage available.

– A lack of control over the ingredients in the product.

As you can see, the positives far outweigh the negatives. This means that there is no concerning reason not to give Nootropil a shot if you want to improve your cognitive functioning and/or memory. Of course, the results that are actually experienced will vary by user. For this reason, you may want to compare the effectiveness of this nootropic with another one so you find the right one for you.

How Will Nootropil Improve Mental Performance?

There are way too many benefits of Nootropil to list them all. The majority of the benefits affect mental performance, although an increase in libido is usually noticed. These are the main categories of which the benefits of Nootropil supplementation will fall under:

–        Psyche/mentality

–        Addiction control

–        Creativity and articulation

–        Stress management

–        Quality sleep and lucid dreaming

–        Libido and sexual enjoyment

–        Memory

–        Productivity

These categories are recognized just the same with alternative nootropics in the racetam family.

For instance, you may normally have trouble with words. After taking Nootropil, you may find that the words flow naturally, your grammar is improved, and you appear to be both more creative and more articulate. This may be noticed in verbal speech as well and it can contribute towards better people skills too.

There are numerous studies that indicate which effects are noticeable when supplementing with Nootropil. When looking for these studies online, make sure to look under the Piracetam name. It’s also not a good idea to rely solely on studies as they do not always indicate the severity of the results or the results during long-term use. For this reason, looking for user reports from a website like Erowid may be a good idea.

Are There Any Side Effects to Nootropil?

As you would expect, there are some side effects that may be noticed when using Nootropil. These side effects are all very minor and mild at worst. They are also nothing compared to the side effects reported by those using prescription cognitive enhancing drugs. There is also no indication that Nootropil puts users at risk of any adverse long-term effects.

Nootropil has been reported to have the following side effects:

–        Anxiety

–        Insomnia

–        Irritability

–        Increased libido

–        Headaches

From information found in user reports, it appears that these side effects are not incredibly common. It appears that the side effects also come in minimal severity and are very easy to tolerate. They are definitely inconvenient to have, but not something that should sway you away from using a Nootropil supplement.

Conclusion: Is Nootropil the Right Cognitive Enhancer For You?

If you are currently using a prescription cognitive enhancer, even a product made with placebo would probably be a better bet. You are subjecting yourself to too many side effects, adverse long-term effects, and uncertainties by using prescription cognitive enhancing drugs. Nootropics are simply a safe alternative and they do provide quality results, but you have to find the one that works for you.

Nootropil is one of the many options available. It is often viewed as being the best in the racetam class, but this is arguable on an individual basis. Anyone with an interest in nootropic supplements should definitely give Nootropil a try. However, it would be a good idea to cycle off Nootropil to try another nootropic drug with a slightly different profile to see which your brain responds to better.

Supplements and prescription medication will always be debated for their efficacy levels, side effects, and dangerous risks. There will never be common ground between these two industries. Prescription drug makers will want you to believe that there is no safer or more effective alternative. But the truth is that nootropics are a safe and effective alternative to prescription medications. For those two reasons, Nootropil or a similar nootropic drug is definitely worth giving a go.

Have you been taking any Nootropics? Let us know in the comments below.