Is Pramiracetam the Brain’s Miracle Drug?

You likely haven’t heard about this product before. In fact, you probably haven’t heard about many nootropics before. They’re still gaining traction in the supplements industry as they were only recently discovered for their major benefits. But even though Pramiracetam is in its youth, it’s a product with a lot of promise.

I’ve been looking a variety of nootropics to find out how they are different and if they are worth trying out. This is what I found out about Pramiracetam.

What is Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam is a type of nootropic, which is a drug that enhances cognitive functioning. This is done through the drug’s ability to elevate acetylcholine levels within the brain. This typically results in an increase in blood flow to the brain, which translates to improved brain production.

Therefore, this product is expected to improve various cognitive functions including your focus, concentration, alertness, stress control, sleep, and much more. It’s a brain supplement and your brain plays into many aspects of your daily activities and sense of well-being. So if this product can work for you, it can definitely improve your personal, professional, and love life drastically.

Pros and Cons of Pramiracetam

The pros and cons of using Pramiracetam line up fairly well with the pros and cons of using nootropics.

The major pros of taking Pramiracetam include:

–        An overall improvement on cognitive functioning.

–        An increase in energy, productivity, and efficiency.

–        A decrease in stress induced by work or school.

In essence, using a product like Pramiracetam keeps you feeling sharp and allows you to be the smartest, most efficient version of yourself. This is also accomplished without the need of any heavy prescription medication, which comes with a list of dangerous risks and adverse effects.

The major cons of taking Pramiracetam include:

–        The risk of becoming dependent after long-term use.

–        A lack of control over the blend of ingredients

–        An expensive remedy in the long-term.

The downfalls are negligible in comparison to the benefits. However, the benefits are only actualized by some. You need to try the product to really know if it’s effective for you as everyone responds differently. It’s also possible that if this product doesn’t work, there may be a different nootropic that’s perfect for you.

How Will Pramiracetam Improve Mental Performance?

Pramiracetam provides endless benefits that translate to an improved mental performance. When taking these supplements, users usually get a boost in the following categories:

–        Psyche/mentality

–        Addiction control

–        Creativity and articulation

–        Stress management

–        Quality sleep and lucid dreaming

–        Libido and sexual enjoyment

–        Memory

–        Productivity

These effects break down in many different ways. For instance, you will find that you are more verbally intelligent and articulate with your words. You will be able to hold a conversation better, even when you’re not confident on the subject matter. You will also be able to write with better descriptors and your grammar will see a major uplift.

Pramiracetam effects are hand-in-hand with the effectiveness of racetam drugs as a whole. The main difference between this product and others in the same class is that it works effectively with a lower dosage. It also has a longer half-life than Aniracetam.

There are many studies that support the claimed efficacy of Pramiracetam. For example, a 1991 study found young males with brain injuries saw improved cognitive functioning through an 18-month long trial period. It is believed that Pramiracetam has positive effects for most users including those with ADD and ADHD, but there is no real evidence yet that supports its effectiveness in users with Alzheimer’s disease.

Are There Any Side Effects to Pramiracetam?

You can’t expect a drug to alter your brain’s functioning without having some type of risks or adverse effects, right? Pramiracetam is no different than the other nootropics in the sense that it comes with a list of potential side effects. Its long-term effects are still debatable, but nothing significant has been found yet. Of course, these products appear to be much safer than prescription cognitive enhancers that have been recognized for their sometimes fatal effects.

The main side effects of Pramiracetam include:

–        Headaches

–        Dizziness

–        Loss of appetite

–        Irritability

–        Insomnia

A study was conducted to get an idea on the frequency of these side effects. It was found that around 17% of users were subject to at least one side effect. Of course, the frequency of which users experience side effects cannot be based on a single study and these effects may come later than sooner. This just gives a good indication on what you can expect.

There is also reason to believe that you may be able to reduce the risk and severity of these side effects. This can be accomplished by combining Pramiracetam with a choline supplement. The effects of Pramiracetam contribute towards lower choline levels, which means supplementing them can help to alleviate resulting side effects. In this case, adding a choline supplement will mainly help to prevent headaches.

So, Is Pramiracetam the Brain’s Miracle Drug?

It’s hard to go as far as to call Pramiracetam a miracle drug for the brain. It is too similar to the other racetam drugs that are available. These alternatives all provide nearly the same effects. While these products are comparable, everyone responds differently and one may be better than the other on an individual basis. This means that while Pramiracetam may be right for you, it may be a different nootropic that works for the next person.

This means that Pramiracetam may be a miraculous brain supplement, but you won’t truly know till you try. There are many that have used this product and gotten incredible results. But without actually trying it out first, you’re just playing a guessing game and making assumptions that the same great benefits will be experienced by you. In most cases, some cognitive functioning effects will be noticed. Still, you have to realize that some of the effects may not be physically noticeable. For example, the benefits may come from having quicker answers or a more focused train of thought.

In closing, Pramiracetam is proven to provide improvements to cognitive functioning and many have gotten life changing benefits from this product. However, you will have to try it to know how much of a difference it makes for you.

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