Mental Performance
Additional Focus
No Side Effects
User rating
- Improve learning and memory
- Backed by scientific studies
- Increase perception
- Reduce anxiety
- Increase reflexes
- Safe
- Take with choline
- Take with Fats
- Choline is expensive
- Headaches

Overview Can a Smart Drug Help you Preform Better?

We are all looking for that edge in life. We think there is a magic bullet that can help take ourselves to the next level. As I started to research different supplements I came across nootropic supplements that help improve mental performance. The first supplement I took a look at is in the “racetam” family, which are highly trusted and widely used. Here is what I found out about Aniracetam.

A Quick Overview on Aniracetam

Aniracetam is a nootropic supplement that can enhance mental performance allowing you to stay alert during your strenuous workout or a long day of work. Because it can sharpen memory while it improves your concentration, it’s categorized as a smart drug. Although it was first designed to treat Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression and motion sickness, among others. Students, frequent flyers, and executives are now utilizing Aniracetam to improve mental performance.

This supplement isn’t only effective in giving a boost to your mental performance but it’s also useful in protecting your brain against trauma or degeneration. That said, it can be a valuable supplement in reducing memory loss.

It is also used it to enhance the creative side of the brain. Because it enhances your creativity, you won’t feel dull while working though a challenging problem. With its effects, you’ll be able work though difficult mental tasks such as writing, designing or programming. Your mind won’t wander so you’ll be able to focus on the task allowing you to perform at a higher level.

Aniracetam’s Background and History
Manufactured by Hoffmann-La Roche, was developed in 1970s. It’s a lipid-soluble and has possible mental enhancing effects. It has been widely tested to ensure that it is safe to add to a supplement routine.

Originally, it was prescribed to treat disorders related to the brain, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. It’s now being used by a wide range of people because of its mental stimulating effects.

Aniracetam stimulates the AMPA receptors know as ampakines, which are the most common CNS glutamate receptor. These AMPA receptors are said to play a role in learning and memory developement.

After your body has digested and metabolized it, its components will bind with the AMPA receptors. The binding will result in transmission of glutamate to these receptors to strengthen neurons, which will then translate to improved cognitive performance.

A 2006 study showed that the compounds have improved cognitive effects, even after being expelled from the body. Both memory and focus improved in test subjects.

The largest manufacturer is Cortex Pharmaceuticals, which owns patents for many of the medical uses of this class of supplements. The two most popular brands include Ampalex™ and Farampator™. Since the beginning of the development program of this drug, the potency has continued to increase and improve.

Pros and Cons of Taking Aniracetam
The effects of Aniracetam are different from one person to another. But the effects are noticeable. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of taking this smart drug?

Yes, there are pros and cons that you must understand about this supplement. But let’s take a look at the good news first.

Positive Points 

Backed by scientific studies.
Aniracetam isn’t a sham enhancer that exists without being backed by scientific reports. Both scientists and actual users reported that this enhancer can lead to improved mood, reduced depression symptoms and enhanced memory.

Safe to use.
This well-researched enhancer is known to be safe for human consumption. You won’t hear anyone dying after they’ve taken this drug. As long as you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll be fine.

Although caffeine, which is another cognitive enhancer, is cheaper, Aniracetam is relatively cheap compared with other cognitive enhancers that your doctor might prescribe.

Increased motivation
This is one of the best benefits of Aniracetam. You’ll be motivated to just do more stuff including reading, writing and hitting the gym. As your motivation is increased, seeing more results in whatever you want to do isn’t that far behind.

Negative Points
And now, for the bad news.

Takes time to see effects.
You’ll feel its effects within a few minutes. However, its full effects won’t be realized in a matter of days. So, when you take it, don’t expect too much of it.

Once the full benefits are obtained, you’ll feel pretty awesome.

Take it with meals.
Aniracetam is fat-soluble. What it means for you is that you need to take it with a meal. This isn’t necessarily a bad side but you need to have something to eat when you take it.

Take it with choline.
Taking Aniracetam without choline is like lifting weights without consuming enough protein. In other words, you won’t receive its full benefits without the help of choline.


This is because choline will mitigate the headache related to the use of a recetam.

Choline is expensive
Although Aniracetam is inexpensive, because you should take it with Choline on a regular basis, the two combined can cost a lot of money.


Side Effects of taking Aniracetam

Generally, Aniracetam is a safe supplement. It may cause mild headache, which is known to many rectums. But it can be easily mitigated with the use of choline supplement.

Besides headache, some users did report of feeling nauseated while taking it. Also some said when take too much it will over heighten the effect to a point that it will make concentrating more difficult and give you a buzzed up feeling. People have also notice that the effects are not a noticeable after taking it for a while. This is because your body will assimilate to the product, however you should still notice subtle cognitive improvements

It’s non-toxic so there are no cases of serious overdoses or fatal side effects related to the use of it.

How Aniracetam will improve mental performance

The supplement will definitely give you a mental boost. But what does this mean? Overall you’ll just feel more focused at what ever you are doing. You could say it will put you in the zone. You’ll really get into the article you are writing or the book you are reading and you will not be as distracted as easy.

But this won’t make you super human. I won’t speed up your performance to be able to write faster or red more. It will just enhance it to perform so you can do anything better. Over time this should help you to think faster and get more stuff done.

The Final Conclusion on Aniracetam
From my research Aniracetam is undoubtedly a useful supplement that will help you get ahead of your game.

So it’s a smart drug that will definitely help you perform better. The improved performance will be in the mental capacity including being more focused and just overall sharper during the day. But like anything in life you’ll still need to put in the time and do the work to complete the project you are working on.

From what I have learned I’m going to give it a try and report back on my findings. I hope you enjoyed this review on Aniracetam.