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Warpath is different from other pre workouts, because it contains ingredients such as GPLC, a few nootropics, a nice amount of beta-alanine and others.  These will not only increase your energy, but they will also increase your mental focus, stamina, and raw power while you workout.

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Warpath is one of the top pre workout supplements and this is why

Working out and staying motivated to hit the gym day after day can be a grind. From my experience an extra push can give you that edge to train harder and keep you going. There are a lot of pre workouts on the market this is what I found out about Warpath and what makes it one of the best pre workout supplements.

First of all I love the branding.

American Muscle’s Warpath is a new addition to the growing number of pre-workout supplements on the market. But this supplement is totally different from other products because of its unique formula. It contains all of the basic pre workout ingredients that can provide amazing pumps and give you optimal performance in your training session.

In Warpath, you’ll also find ingredients that can not only increase your energy, but also your mental focus, stamina, and raw power. It also has supplements that can speed up muscle recovery and build muscle while burning fats.

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American Muscle Warpath Formula

Muscle Warpath’s ingredients focused on giving you the mental and physical energy to get moving. It’s not just an energy booster but it’s also a supplement that enhances your performance while working out to help you carry out extreme exercises.

The formula includes glycine propionyl-L-Carnite. This is the key factor in Warpath that boosts nitric oxide production giving you a ton of additional energy during your workout. It also contains L-arginine, which improves oxygen delivery while enhancing blood flow. It has a lot of amino acids, vitamins and minerals in the blend to give you the extra focus you need without crashing or over-stimulating your system. The Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnite, also promotes weight loss. Finally if contains sufficient amount of caffeine to give additional mental stimulation, without suffering from caffeine intolerance. All of this combined will help prolong pumps and power that you have during a workout session.

It does not include No 1,3-DMAA. This is a stimulant that elevates blood pressure leading to heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. The FDA has already issued an announcement that a product with DMAA is banned.

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Warpath Ingredients

MyoGlycogenic Induction Matrix
Creatine – it increases ATP within the muscle cells providing you with greater strength to perform more reps.
Beta-alanine – elevates carnosine levels and provides that extra energy burst. It’s a substance that augments the buffering capacity of the muscles allowing you to perform any type of extreme exercises.
L-leucine – it maintains muscle tissue even when you’re under stress of training and it preserves glycogen, which is important for muscle contraction.
Creatinol-O-Phosphate – it acts as an intracellular shock absorber that prevents a significant drop in pH, thereby, allowing muscles to contract so you can continue completing your training session.

Other ingredients

L-histidine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, taurine, vanadyl acetylacetonate and D-ribose. They all offer a better environment for your muscles while working out. This will then translate to more endurance and greater gains.

Caffeine – it improves your performance, thereby, avoiding cruddy workout.
Rauwolscine – a stronger form of yohimbine that increases your adrenaline during your training session.
Other nootropics – included are phenylethylamine HCL, octopamine HCl, and methylsynephrine HCl. These items can increase flow of blood to the brain allowing it to get a better supply of nutrients, oxygen and glucose, which are all important for an effective workout.

Vaso-dynamic drive
L-arginine – it contributes to the growth of muscles by encouraging growth hormone release and promoting metabolism of fats. As it reduces fat storage in the body, it increases your fitness level while improving your strength.
Other vaso-dynamic elements will include L-citrulline malate, L-norvaline, grape seed extract, and GlycoCarn.
Cholinergic craze – Composed of choline bitartrate, citicoline sodium, vinpocetine, and Huperzia serrata extract. Each of them strengthen your muscles, in that way you can prevent muscle soreness or weakness during and after workout.
Calcium – an important mineral, which is involved in muscular contraction. This is especially beneficial when you are undergoing weight training.
Magnesium – it plays an important role in providing your body enough energy to perform extreme workouts. It is also essential in protein synthesis.

How you’ll feel when taking American Muscle Warpath

It must be taken at least 30 minutes before your training session to be effective. After it sets in, you will experience an increase in energy levels allowing you to improve your lifting power and intensity. In other words, as soon as you have taken the first dose, you’ll feel an instant drive to lift harder and bigger.

The first thing you’ll notice is that you can do more reps. You can also push through longer training sessions than before. Your recovery time will go down as you increase your reps. Instead of feeling drained; you’ll feel some extra power. This will help make huge improvements in your training productivity, and lead to big gains.

The results from Warpath

Warpath is a proven pre-workout supplement. This stuff works it helps increase energy levels, builds muscles and provides more pumps during a training session. It will also give you additional focus and metal clarity with the addition of nootropics to the blend.

Overall, many people have been impressed with the results they have obtained from Warpath. This might be a new kid on the block but it is well worth looking into it.

The Warpath Conclusion

American Muscle’s Warpath may be a neophyte in the pre-workout supplement industry but it has already gained quite a huge group of followers. It gives you more energy to perform superior workouts. This is not only valuable for those who wish to gain muscles but it is also great for those who want to lose extra fats in their body.

It has the right amount of amino acids and stimulants to fuel your workout. Although it increases blood flow, it does not cause a surge in blood pressure. So it is safe for those with hypertension or cardiovascular problems. In addition to its standard ingredients, Warpath contains glycine propionyl-l-carnitine that supports muscle activity during workout and promotes mental speed for better concentration.

If you looking to push yourself to the next level and increase the intensity of your workouts, then you should consider taking this product for a test drive during your next training session. If you liked this review leave a comment below.

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