The Best Testosterone Boosters Can Enhance Your Performance

After years testosterone boosters have solidified their place in the supplements industry. They provide something that can benefit just about anyone, from athletes to bodybuilders and even older folks. These products serve as a performance enhancer, help improve general well-being, and even have a place in treating medical problems, such as adrenal fatigue or hypogonadism.

Still, many are unaware of exactly what testosterone boosters are (aside from the obvious), what they do to the body, and why they may be a beneficial investment.

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters are what the name implies, which means that these products are designed to increase testosterone levels when taken. This fills a void for many that have less than optimal testosterone levels.

Typically, these products will increase testosterone levels by blocking out CYP1A1/2, which is the aromatase enzyme. This is the enzyme has many responsibilities, including the conversion of androgen into estrogen. As testosterone is a type of androgen, this stops the body from wasting testosterone which could otherwise be used by the body.

The end result is higher testosterone and lower estrogen. This is achieved while the supplement is in use, but it does not affect natural production levels thereafter. Of course, lower estrogen is not necessarily a good thing but having sufficient testosterone holds a greater value. With this in mind, it becomes important to pose the question of whether testosterone boosters are beneficial for you.

Will Testosterone Boosters Benefit You?

A common misconception is that testosterone boosters are effective for everyone. As to who could see benefits from testosterone boosters, which could be anyone. Even a 20 year old could be predisposed to lower testosterone production within their body.

Basically, the body can only effectively use a certain amount of testosterone. If the body has healthy testosterone production, there will be no need to supplement it. On the other hand, if testosterone levels are less than optimal then a testosterone booster will prove to be beneficial. In cases where testosterone is nearly depleted, these products will have extremely noticeable effects.

If you have an interest in testosterone boosters, it really is important to know that they really benefit you. The way of figuring this out will vary by individual. The younger you are, the more likely your body has a healthy testosterone production. Lower testosterone usually sets in after the age of 40, so using a testosterone booster to see if there are effects would be okay at this age point. For anyone younger, getting your testosterone levels tested may be a good idea.

What Effects Will You Get From Using Testosterone Boosters?

Supposing they are actually needed, there will be some very noticeable effects.

General effects from testosterone boosters include increased energy, strength, focus, libido, confidence, sleep, and general sense of well-being.

The effects will be most noticeable in the gym. Take everything above and increase it to an absurd magnitude. In areas where you once felt week, you will feel strong and confident. Within the first month, you will likely have shattered any personal records you set in the past six months.

What Ingredients Are Found in Testosterone Boosters?

Everyone product has its own blend of ingredients. Sometimes these are proprietary blends, which means you can’t get the full list of ingredients by dosage amounts. However, the name of the proprietary blend is usually followed with a list of unmeasured ingredients so you know what’s going in your body.

There are certain ‘heavy-hitting’ ingredients found in testosterone boosters that are responsible for the majority of the product’s effects. However, none of them typically work on their own so a blend of strong ingredients is usually needed to get optimal results.

Here is a list of common ingredients in testosterone boosters and what they do.

D-Aspartic Acid – a type of amino acid, which contributes towards natural testosterone production in the human body.

Zinc – a vitamin which holds major responsibilities in muscle growth and general health. Zinc supports the development of dopamine, which is essential while performing high intensity resistance training. It also supports quality cognitive functioning and prostate health.

Vitamin D – a type of vitamin, which contributes towards the natural production of testosterone and other hormones.

Vitamin B6 – a type of vitamin, which serves as one of the main players in natural testosterone production. It does this through lowering the production of estrogen.

Fenugreek – this is a substance that is recognized for its effectiveness in increasing libido, which is an important part of living a life free of testosterone problems.

King Oysters – a type of mushroom, which is essential for the development of various hormones through its bioactive molecules.

Ginseng – a substance recognized for its ability to increase energy through increasing natural testosterone production.

Magnesium – a type of mineral, which serves as a natural muscle relaxant and helps with intra-workout muscle growth and structuring. Delayed on-set muscle soreness, fatigue, and cramps can all be minimized through a combination of magnesium and calcium.

What Are The Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters?

As with anything, you want to make sure that this type of product is at least relatively safe. While the side effects will vary by product, there are certain side effects that are more common than others. Some examples of these more frequently reported side effects include moodiness, skin reactions, and sleep apnea.

Of course, the side effects that are experienced will depend on both the product and the user’s genetic predisposition to said side effects. For instance, skin reactions are most commonly noticed as acne breakouts and mainly affect those that are already prone to acne. These breakouts also tend to subside within a few weeks of cycling off the supplement.

Are Testosterone Boosters Right For You?

If you read through this entire overview, you will likely have answered this question yourself already.

The first step to know if a testosterone booster is right for you is by checking your testosterone levels. The most accurate way to do this is through a blood test. Home test kits that utilize saliva are both expensive and inaccurate as they do not identify total testosterone levels.

With that said, testosterone boosters are an invaluable investment for anyone that has less than optimal levels of testosterone in their body on a daily basis. If you do buy one of these products, just make sure to cycle off as specified on the product label to prevent tolerance and dependency.