On the Search for the Best Fitness Trackers

I’ve been using a Basis band for the past year. It has given me extra motivation, gamified my workouts and overall better insights into my health on a daily basis. Even though I’ve enjoyed using it over the past year I’m looking to try a different tracker. Basis was great for the first 6 months but it got stale. I’ll let you know why and a few others trackers I’m taking a look at.

Should You Buy a Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a device that is used to record physical performance in real time. This type of device is becoming very popular, especially with the latest smart electronics. For instance, the Apple Watch is about to hit the market and will open the door for a substantial amount of fitness tracking apps.

Currently, the market is full of different fitness tracking devices that are pre-loaded with a tracking software. Some of these devices have been around for a while, and others are more recent to the market. What differentiates each model is the features and type of tracking that it accommodates.

What Are The Types of Fitness Trackers?

The best way to categorize fitness trackers by type is to do so based on the type of fitness performance that will be recorded. For example, the effective functions will vary depending on whether you plan to use the tracker for running, weights, sports drills, and etc.

Another way to differentiate the types of fitness trackers is by the ways that they attach to your body. It is possible to get fitness tracking devices that are worn as a watch, armband, or even a belt clip. There are also fitness tracking apps that can simply be loaded onto your smartphone.

What Are The Common Features of a Fitness Tracker?

The best way to look at the features of a fitness tracker is based on the particular fitness activities it can read. For example, whether it can be used to track steps taken, distance traveled, or calories burned.

Here is a list of some of the more common types of readings that can be made.

  • Steps taken
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Activity time
  • Sleep duration
  • Sleep quality
  • Elevation climbed

What Are The Top Brands of Fitness Trackers?

There are many different manufacturers of fitness tracking devices. Here is a look at some of the more popular brand names.

  • Fitbit

Fitbit provides a selection of personal tracking devices, ranging in both prices and features. They don’t just sell intuitive wristbands, though. For example, the Fitbit Aria is a digital bodyweight scale with Wi-Fi compatibility. The options of fitness trackers under the Fitbit brand include FitBit Flex, One, and Zip.

  • Withings Pulse

The Withings Pulse fitness tracker is an activity tracking device that is used to monitor an individual’s activity and sleep. It also reads the wearer’s vital signs. It’s primarily designed to promote physical activity, bringing a little extra life to the activity. You are able to monitor the amount of steps and distance you travel, how many calories you burned, and even the elevation you reached. Of course, at any time you can also inquire to the device to find out your blood oxygen and heart rate levels.

  • Jawbone UP

Another dependable maker of wearable fitness tracking devices is Jawbone. Their UP fitness tracking band comes in small, medium, and large, and a wide range of different colors. The band works along with Jawbone’s highly impressive tracking app, which allows users to detect and record physical activity for future evaluation. Main activity results are also recorded and displayed on the device’s home screen, where they can be reviewed or even compared with the recorded results of other users.

  • Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine fitness tracking device is an elegant sports wristband at an affordable price. It comes in many different colors, such as topaz, champagne, coral, wine, and sea glass. This band is combined with the Misfit App, which is used to track dietary intake, physical activity, weight changes, and sleeping times. It also allows for social networking with any friends that use the Misfit App.

  • Basis

The Basis brand gained a lot of recognition from the B1 tracking device. It’s a physical activity tracking watch with a retro, black and white design. The watch tracks physical efforts, such as steps taken, sleep duration, training intensity, and it does this automatically without pushing a button. There are a few things a social network to connect with friends and API connections to other apps. But, the Basis brand is about to take things a step further, introducing the Basis Peak fitness tracker. This futuristic watch features sensors for galvanic skin, skin, and heart rate. It includes touch screen controls, a battery charge that lasts roughly four days, and water resistance as low as 40 metres under water.

  • Amiigo

The Amiigo fitness tracker is viewed as being the ultimate fitness tracking device that money can buy. It can track physical effort made across a number of sports, such as cycling, weightlifting, and yoga. It can also be used to monitor blood oxygen, heart rate, and sleep. Plus, it’s a completely waterproof device, so it can be used for any aquatic fitness tracking purposes as well.

A Final Note on Fitness Trackers

Buying a fitness tracking device is no easy tasks. There are many different products on the market and the right one for you may not be the first one you see. As they can vary drastically in retail price as well, it’s important to take some time to compare what’s available to find the greatest value fitness tracker for you.

In most cases, it won’t be too difficult to confirm which particular devices are best suited for your needs. A lot of these products are tailored for specific purposes, such as for monitor vital levels or tracking physical performance by calories burnt.

Narrow down your options based on this list of top fitness trackers and your personal preferences. You will be left with a few different fitness trackers that accommodate your needs. Then, simply narrow by price or choose your favorite and you’re good to go!