Extra Energy
Mental Focus
Muscle Pumps
User rating
- Energy effects are strong
- Noticeable push
- Effective thermogenic
- Good flavors
- Good value
- Mixes Easy
- Capsicum might give some a stomach ache
- High caffeine content
- Taste is OK
- Spicy after taste

Raise your body’s metabolism to burn more fat and have incredible energy in the gym

When adding strength training to your workout routine you’ll find it takes a lot out of you and it can drain your body’s energy.  I have been on the search for the right pre-workout supplement to support my lifting efforts and give me an edge in the weight room. Many supplements fit the bill, all with a fairly standard blend of ingredients, but there is always room for companies to push the envelope. By combining the latest in nutritional science and supplementation research, companies are coming up with ever-more interesting products to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Optimum Nutrition is one such company. They have been around since 1986 and have taken the standard energy formula and upped its utility by creating ON Platinum Pre. Optimum Nutrition adds a thermogenic compound to their energy and focus balance to help you get the most out of your efforts in the gym. Thermogenic are “fat burners”, compounds which raise the body’s metabolism, causing increased weight loss over time. There are many available on the market, some synthetic and others natural. ON Platinum Pre uses naturally occurring capsicum fruit extract as their thermogenic ingredient of choice. Found naturally in chili peppers, capsicum has been found to increase the body’s metabolic levels to aid in fat loss. Combined with some core pre-workout ingredients, makes ON Platinum Pre worth taking a deep dive  to get to know the product better.

Benefits and drawbacks of Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre

ON Platinum Pre mixes fairly well, and has a pretty good taste. One thing you might notice though is a bit if a spicy aftertaste. This isn’t noticeable by everyone but you’ll want to keep it in mind if you decide to give it a try. ON Platinum Pre has a pretty potent blend of stimulants, so the energy and focus that comes with taking it is definitely noticeable. It comes on pretty fast, and can really help you get through a workout. That said, it should be noted that with a high amount of stimulants there is a risk of some uncomfortable jitteriness. To avoid this you may want to include a protein shake during your workout. The high caffeine content and the presence of capsicum may also cause a stomach ache, this will be particularly true if you are sensitive to spicy foods. However, the capsicum has been shown to have a positive thermogenic effect, and its presence in ON Platinum Pre has the stated effect.

The ON Platinum Pre Formula

The main components of the ON Platinum Pre formula are caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline, and the signature ingredient, capsicum fruit extract. Caffeine is a pretty standard ingredient, and its presence should come as no surprise. Along with that, beta-alanine is included as another energy promoting compound and focus enhancer. Beta-alanine is fast becoming a standard co-ingredient alongside caffeine, and with good reason. It has been shown to decrease fatigue and promote muscular endurance however it is also the ingredient that will give you the tingles.

ON Platinum pre also includes the nitric oxide precursor citrulline to further aid in endurance and promote muscular recovery. Citrulline works by helping form nitric oxide, which aids in the growth of new blood vessels, promoting muscle recovery and growth. Finally, there is the capsicum fruit extract, which sets ON Platinum Pre apart from its competitors. As mentioned earlier, thermogenesis are compounds which raise the body’s metabolism and promote fat loss. Along with a few other ingredients capsicum extract has been shown to raise the body’s production of fat oxidation to a significant degree.

Along with the main components, ON Platinum Pre includes a fairly standard blend of antioxidants in the form of vitamin C, grape seed extract, beet juice powder, and red wine grape extract. Antioxidants are believed to promote organ function and have a host of other benefits related to general health.

Ingredients Breakout (per scoop)








 Additional Ingredients:

60 Mg Sodium(As Sodium Chloride)
70 Mg Potassium(As Potassium Chloride)
5 Calories per scoop
1 Gm Total Carbohydrate
1 Gm Protein

How it feels to take ON Platinum PRE

ON Platinum PRE is effective so you may want to start off with one scoop and build up to two. Because of the high amount of caffeine combined with the beta-alanine, ON Platinum Pre is pretty strong so if you are just getting started taking a pre-workout keep this in mind. From the packaging it can be offset by taking wither one or two scoops to modify the dosage. Either way, the effects can be felt pretty quickly, you’ll probably feel the effects within 20 to 30 minutes of consuming it. This will give you the push to get going.

The cool this is it will last through a whole workout. However, people sensitive to stimulants may experience some nausea or an upset stomach. The stomach ache can also come to those who are sensitive to spicy foods, as the capsicum is the same ingredient that makes those kinds of food spicy. Some may also experience increased sweating due to the thermogenic compounds in ON Platinum Pre.

The results you may find when taking Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre

By taking Pre you will definitely have additional energy and more focus in the gym. But it goes beyond that, by including capsicum fruit extract, ON Platinum Pre has set out to distinguish itself in the pre-workout supplement market. Thermogenics are not often found in this sort of product, so their inclusion here represents what we could call a multi-purpose product. As a pre-workout supplement for energy and focus, ON Platinum Pre contains the standard ingredients and works well. It is a very effective formula; the addition of a thermogenic is a nice bonus. So, the results you may find from taking this supplement is the ability to push harder in the gym and get cut faster!

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre Review Conclusion

Overall, if you are looking for a pre-workout with a little extra, and you aren’t sensitive to the compounds found in spicy foods, ON Platinum Pre is worth checking out.

From my research I highly recommend trying Platinum-Pre. I’m actually going to give it a try and I’ll report back on my findings. From what I have read online it is a well-rounded pre-workout that is effective at both 1 or 2 scoops. If you are looking for a supplement that will help you with motivation in the gym and burn fat over time this could be right for you.

I hope you enjoyed my review of ON Platinum PRE Pre-Workout supplement. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think?