Extra Energy
Mental Focus
Muscle Pumps
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- More Energy
- Improved Mental Focus
- Increased blood flow
- Enhanced power
- More pump
- Eases muscle fatigue
- 130 calories per serving
- Contains a lot of caffeine
- Bad taste

Boosting EPO, energy and more

Getting to that next level with your workout can be difficult. At times it can feel you plateau out at a certain point. In order to push though these times you might want to switch up your pre-workout or try something new for the first time. Today we are taking a look at MHP Dark Rage.

If you’re like me who craves for stronger pump and wants to be ahead of the game when it comes to muscle and performance, then Maximum Human Performance’ Dark Rage pre-workout supplement might just be what you are looking for.

It all starts with an innovative formula to help push you through tough sessions. This supplement will help enhanced mood, increased mental focus, and amplified power. In other words, this is exactly what you want to take before working those muscles out.

With its EPO blood building technology, your body is triggered to produce more EPO. The more erythropoietin, the more oxygen your body can carry, thereby, increasing endurance and performance. This is one of the reasons, as an athlete, you may want to take a supplement that boosts your EPO. It will help you train harder and execute your skills at your best.

Not only does it boost your EPO. MHP Dark Rage contains ingredients that can enhance your nitric oxide level to widen your blood vessels. And we all know what that means – an increase blood flow to the muscles. That said, you’ll get better delivery of nutrients, as well as oxygen and anabolic hormones to your working muscles for greater results.

The Science Behind MHP Dark Rage: Formula Overview

The formula focuses on increasing the level of erythropoietin or EPO and enhancing levels of nitric oxide in the blood to achieve better pump, promote faster recovery and muscle growth, enhance energy levels, etc.

Dark Rage contains ingredients similar to other pre-workout including creatine, beta-alanine, BCAAs, Arginine and more. But what makes it different is that it includes ingredients to help stimulate Nitric Oxide. These include AAKG, Arginine and more. This is what helps increase blood flow to the muscles during a workout. Below is a breakout of all the ingredients.


Here are the most important ingredients of Dark Rage which will show you the difference from other on the market.

This features the following ingredients:

Albumin. It regulates blood volume to produce the “pump” that you need.
Arachidonic acid. It stimulates production of erythropoietin in the body.

  1. It supports production of EPO and growth of blood vessels.
  2. It improves oxygen carrying capacity of the body.
  3. It also enhances transport of oxygen from the lungs.
  4. It prevents RBC from coagulating during exercise, thereby, promoting healthy blood flow during workout.

Portulaca oleracea. It accelerates production of EPO and hemoglobin.

It is a patented formula that supports production of stem cells. In other words, it makes the effects of this product more effective in enhancing RBC levels and increasing blood volume towards the muscles.

This is Dark Rage source of creatine to achieve greater muscle growth. It has the ability to supply your body with creatine for up to 8 hours.

It’s a combination of ingredients known to increase levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body. These will include multi-arginine complex, L-citrulline, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Cnidium monnier, pycnogenol, among others.

It’s a well-known ingredient that boosts not just physical performance but also mental focus, which you’ll need to perform more reps.

How You’ll Feel When taking MHP Dark Rage

This stuff is strong and potent so I would stick with the suggested serving size. With just one scoop, you’ll feel an extra rush of energy to get you going in the gym. The energy it provides is outstanding. It will definitely give you an iron pump about 20 to 30 minutes after you drink it. The pump effects are long lasting. You could perform chest exercise for an hour and it will keep you going. That is, without that feeling of having needles over your body.

You’ll also see an improvement in performance including doing more reps at the gym without feeling out of breath during the rest period. The Beta-alanine in the product will give you that tingly feeling in your fingertips after taking it. It is also proven to delay or fight off muscle weakness during your workout. Thus, you can do more reps and pump more. You’ll feel like you can keep on going and going without feeling tired.

It also helps with mental focus. This will allow you to concentrate on your reps and power through difficult sets. An improved mind set in the gym will help you set personal bests and perform better. The connection between your mind and muscle is important when pushing yourself to new levels. The mental stimulus you’ll feel is similar effect to a cup of coffee.

With the increased blood flow you’ll also notice that you’ll have less recovery time in between sets. This will help get you out of the gym faster to get on with your day. But with the additional energy you might just want to stick around longer and really push your training session. Finally there isn’t a crash with Dark Rage.

Results from taking MHP Dark Rage

From my research I’ll give the effectiveness of this product as 8.5 out of 10. After all, it’s not a perfect pre-workout supplement on the market, however it is vary effective. You will defiantly feel the effects and see results when taking it. It will provide extra energy and more pumps while working out at the gym.

Because it aims not just to cause vasodilation but it also increases blood supply, it can indeed deliver more blood (meaning more oxygen) to the muscles. What this means is that the nutrients that the product contains will be delivered more effectively to the muscles. This will provide burst to get you going, allow you to push harder and more mental clarity while working out.

When I first heard of MHP’s Dark Rage, I wasn’t expecting a lot from it. After all, it’s still a new product. But to my surprise, this product can provide what it has promised, i.e. more pumps and energy from my investigation.

If you are looking for a boost in motivation to get you going along with additional concentration then you may want to giver this a shot. This will provide you with amazing energy though your workout and into you day without a crash. That said, I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for a pre-workout supplement.