Extra Energy
Mental Focus
Muscle Pumps
User rating
- Increased energy
- Improved focus
- Fast acting
- Promotes muscular endurance
- A push during intense workouts
- Taste not anything special
- Can cause anxiety
- Some have jitteriness
- Bad Crash
- Easy to build a tolerance

1MR is stronger than your average pre-workout supplement

Sometimes weight lifters and athletes need little more than a regular pre-workout supplement can provide. This is especially true if you are using a periodization template or peaking program. The demands that such workouts place on the body and can be high, so going in prepared is a seriously good idea. Physical and mental readiness can be the difference between success and failure in the gym. Choosing a pre-workout supplement targeted towards high intensity lifting will help ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout efforts.

Even if you are not using a specialized programming template, you might need something with a little extra kick from time to time. This can be especially true for lifters moving out of the beginner phase of their training. Over time, workouts get tougher and training programs become more intense and varied. Lifters progressing into the realm of intermediate strength training sometimes face a sort of hump characterized in part by a psychological block; the workouts are much harder than they were before and getting into the right mindset is not as easy.

Intermediate or advanced, for those working on an increased intensity program, there is 1.M.R. by BPI Sports. This pre-workout powder is an ultra-concentrated, high strength formula designed to promote strength, energy, and muscular endurance. 1.M.R. contains a blend of ingredients that fits the bill for powering through workouts that increase in intensity over time by combining ingredients that synergize to help you really push yourself to excel in the gym.

Benefits and drawbacks BPI Sports 1MR

As with most stimulant pre-workout supplements, 1.M.R. provides a noticeable increase in energy and focus. Focus and energy are not much good if you don’t have fast access to them. The effects of 1.M.R. come on pretty fast and strong, usually within ten to fifteen minutes. The endurance-promoting part of the formulation is noticeable too, allowing a lifter to really push themselves as they work out.

No product is perfect though, and 1.M.R. is no exception. The flavor of this product is nothing to write home about. By and large, the taste cannot be described as good, but most will simply tolerate it, and a few might outright dislike it. Further, this is strong stuff. REALLY strong. In some people this might trigger anxiety or uncomfortable jitteriness, so you might have to experiment a little with the dosage. Finally, it is possible to develop tolerance to the 1.M.R. formula. While this is to be expected, especially for more experienced lifters, it does create the added hassle of needing to be cycled off for a week every now and then to ensure maximum effectiveness over time.

The 1.M.R. Formula

Many pre-workout supplements use a proprietary formula, and 1.M.R. is no exception. What sets this product from others is the concentration of certain ingredients. Every part of the formula has been on the market for some time and has a long history of use. In that regard, 1.M.R. is not breaking any new ground. However, in pursuit of a powerful pre-workout, the makers of 1.M.R. seem to have upped the content on some key ingredients.

The energy and focus comes from a fairly standard blend of caffeine, guarana, yerba mate and a handful of other herbal extracts. These include psoralea seed, ginger and grape seed extract. As mentioned, 1.M.R. is a stronger than some other pre-workouts available. This is achieved mainly by the inclusion of what seems to be a high amount of beta-alanine and other amino acids such as l-arganine, taurine, l-tyrosene and Alpha Ketogluterate. Not only do these ingredients have thermogenic and energy promoting effects, but they are also critical in enhancing muscle endurance, recovery and even promoting a little bit of the much-sought after workout pump. Finally, 1.M.R. rounds out the formula with a serving of creatine monohydrate, further rounding out its properties as an energy-producing product that helps preserve muscle and endurance during a grueling workout.

Ingredient Breakout:



How it feels to take 1MR

It’s been mentioned several times in this review, 1.M.R. is stronger than your average pre-workout powder. This stuff can come on pretty fast and quite intensely, usually within ten to fifteen minutes of taking it. Consider starting with a lower dosage at first, perhaps somewhere in the vicinity of just a half-scoop. While tolerance can build over time, it’s not recommended to up the dosage much beyond one full scoop at a time, and only take it on training days. This supplement can sometimes cause quite a bit of anxiety or jitteriness, but that’s not true for everyone. Powering through a tough workout doesn’t magically become easier with 1.M.R., but it does become a lot more doable. With a supplement this strong, it should come as no surprise that taking it can really help you focus on every rep and push through when you really need to.

Results and might see when taking BPI Sports 1MR
1.M.R. ranks up there with the top dogs of the pre-workout market. It seeks to set itself apart with a concentrated, powerful energy formula, and for the most part it succeeds. This stuff will give you that extra push during a workout to reach extreme pumps. You’ll appreciate its rapid onset and hail the powerful energy it produces. The muscular endurance increase this supplement promotes is just the ticket for powering through even the toughest workouts.

Conclusion to the Review
Overall, for those who are really looking to up their lifting game, 1.M.R. might be just the product they need. For the drawbacks it has in terms of jitteriness and lack of good taste, 1.M.R. packs a powerful punch with some good points in its favor.  Whether you are a more experienced lifter switching things up with higher intensity programs, or a novice looking for that extra kick to power through your new training needs, 1.M.R. is worth looking into.

This is my review of BPI Sports 1MR. Let us know if you’ve taken 1MR leave a comment below to let us know what your experience has been with it.